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Friday, 16 August 2013

My new life.

Hi. I still can't believe its been a year since my last post. This is crazy. Its been such a long time that I don't even know where to begin. 

So shall i begin with the highlight of my new life? I just got married. 

Yeah its crazy right? Its crazy for me too. I don't even know how to describe what I'm feeling. I love him. That's all I know. I know its crazy, and I know I'm too young to even think about getting married to someone. But i knew he was the one, I knew that nobody could ever replace him and I knew that I couldn't bear the idea of not having him by my side. 

He is a chinese living an Italian. To be frank, I've never in my life have the thought to go to Italy, let alone moving there. And here I am making this crazy, life-changing decision. Some people say me foolish to be married in such a young age, but all I know is that, from every decision that I've made, he's the one choice I will never regret. 

So, my life after the wedding huh? Yeah, its quite an adventure. Everything wasn't as simple and easy as what i thought it would. Everything isn't all lovely, romantic and sweet like I want it to be. There were fights, there were a lot of things we didn't agree on. Its crazy, really. But even with all the fights and disagreements, we got over it, forgive and were in love like we always were. So if you were to ask me if my life is perfect. I will answer you, its not. But its all i wanted it to be. 

Okay let's go on to how we met, shall we?
We met on my trip to study in China. We went to the same class and meet with each other almost everyday. He was the funny, narcistic and annoying guy in class and i was this talkative, friendly kind of girl. At first i was really annoyed by everything he does and soon when we began to talk, I noticed how mature and kind he were. 
Soon, we get closer and closer to each other each days. We talk almost everyday in class and even through sns. We eat dinner together and spend time talking and talking. We were in love, and for the first time in my life I feel secure. 

We both knew that our kind of relationship wasn't the type to go anywhere or have even a hint of future. So soon when the first semester ends he asks me this question that strikes me really hard. He asked me where our relationship was going and whether I actually wants to have a future with him. This question was like an instant strike to reality and made me think. I was happy and confused at the same time. I don't know what to do or think. So we decided to see how it goes on the second semester. But happy times goes fast, and soon we came to the end of our second semester. We finally got to the decision of getting married and gave a real big surprise to both our family. 

After all the persuasion and discussion our families gave us the permission and we finally got married. 

I'm really happy. Happier than ever. Because now I got a best friend, a brother, a lover, a supporter and a husband of my life. 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Ko Sugih's Birthday!

So about 2 weeks ago on the 12th of July was my oldest brother's birthday! and as I always do I always post my family member's birthday photos on my blog!! yeayy. and this time its Ko Sugih's.
To be honest I haven't bought any gift for him until now, so for now I think I can only present him this post lol.

So we had this dinner at ninety nine Pesanggrahan. For you guys who don't know where the place is, it's on top of the Ranch Market in Pesanggrahan. I really love the place!! I mean not only ninety nine itself, the starbucks, ranch market and the restaurants all have a very nice interior design and I feel very comfortable everytime I go there. So you guys should definitely go there and grab some coffee or lunch :). I think the ninety nine here is the biggest out of all the other ninety nine restaurants.

The price of the food is of course very pricy but I'd make an exception for some foods there that are worth every penny, which to be honest I've never been disappointed with the food or even service there.

Okay moving on to the pictures.
Outfit of the day!
 and as always of course some camho shots ;p

the birthday guy!! <3 p="p">
 my sis in law, her mom and my niece :P
 my 2nd brother and my cutie niece
 everyone wanna hold this cutie pie <3 p="p">

 family shot, minus my brother, mom and dad lol. I really love this picture!!
 my beautiful sis and me!!!
and as I said, they do have a very beautiful interior. you know this is the type of restaurant that look at every small details which other restaurants fail to do. for example table 8 at Mulia Hotel, the interior design is very good and the lighting is unbelievably good (especially when taking pictures) but has like the worst food ever. I went there like about twice and every time is always disappointing. But anyway I really like this place. 

 the place was like so packed, there are like 3 birthdays that day (including my brother's)
my brother's family shot. even though Zoe wasn't look the camera, I think I really love this shot. 
I love this set of photos as well! Zoe, you're just so damn gorgeous <3 p="p">

 cakes that makes you drool
my brother's colleagues came as well.

 my sis in law and her mom!!
WARNING if you're feeling hungry please do not proceed, especially if you're fasting! 

 broccoli cream soup

 I really wanna tell you the name of this dish, but I forgot. Sorry >.< But it's under "Croque" and the most recommended one.
CAKE TIMMEEEE! My sis in law bought this big ass Raspberry Red Velvet cake from the cakery (i think that's the name) beside ninety nine. and it's super delicious. OMG. I know u guys have definitely tried or at least heard of Union's delicious red velvet cake but this one is different. It has this light raspberry taste which isn't very heavy and creamy compared to Union's cake. There is also some raspberry bits inside the cake. I can eat 2 slices of this cake and only eat half of the Union's one. But both are very different and delicious. :) 

 "That looks yummy daddy!!!"

anyway, it was a day well spent and a very happy day for everyone. no diet for that day and enjoyed every bit of the food. I would rate ninety nine 9/10 just because the price is really pricy. But nevertheless you guys should still try it ;)


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A crazy month.

It's been a crazy month. I got really sick and I'm so exhausted!!
About two weeks ago I got this cough (which is weird, considering I don't get sick a lot and especially not cough) and it's getting worse each day. Mornings are the worst, I cough so bad, I think I woke everyone in my room. What's worse is that the "Flu" decided to come along and torture me even more!
I just hate being sick you know. I have so many things to do, study, do my assignment, events and not to mention keeping up with my social life. Especially with the occasional procrastinating, I don't think I can get any work done by the time it's due. It's crazy. The only day I could get some rest was last sunday. I stayed home, drank some medicine and slept the whole day.

I didn't mean "busy" like "yeah, I was busy", I meant like really busy. I just don't get it, sometimes stuffs just come at the right time together! Like for example last week, I can hardly find any missing spot on my calendar. My days were full of classes and I had to go to a "Fun with Korea" event from thursday till saturday, which I really liked by the way. I talked to a few Koreans and had a lot of fun. I have always admired Korean culture and loved the language. Not to mention my love for languages and meeting new people.
Anyway long story short, I was so busy this semester that I didn't even realize the semester is ending. I haven't even finished half of my market research report or even find 50% respondents for my research. It's crazy. I went to class last saturday and completely blanked. I was so tired after the Korean night and was still so sick I don't know what to do. What's worse is that my teacher decided to go for a business trip next week and wants to have an extra class on Sunday. How great right?

I was so tired and sad that I actually cried and shouted in my room yesterday after my friend who wanted to skype with me suddenly disappeared. Lol. I know I'm still a kid. But I guess is not really about her suddenly disappearing, it's just about all the pressures I've been getting. I'm glad that all the dramas are finally over though or I think I might die soon. Hahaha.

But anyway being busy isn't that bad if I wasn't sick. I mean, I actually enjoy being busy. I don't need to think about dating or friends problems or any sort of stuffs. I get too busy to think of those dramas, so it isn't that bad at all you know. I just hope this sickness could quickly go away and I could continue and do my stuffs normally. and you guys should drink a lot vitamins and water, cause a lot of friends and families have been getting sick (sorry :p) and I think u might get it soon too if you don't be careful.

Here are some of the "Fun with Korea" event pictures.
With Ji Hyun eonni.
sis and me in Hanbok
before the Korean Night. Notice the mask I'm using? lol
so oppa and eonni decided to let us use this cute stickers on our cheeks -.- (pls don't mind my chubby cheeks ==)

with Brian oppa! 

Anyway I'm gonna go and continue with my studies for now. Talk to you guys soon. <3


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sis Birthday Bash! (more of a-my-self-portrait-photos-post XD)

HIIII everyone!!! At last another update!!! :p
I really wish I could update more. But I'm kind of bored with blogging lately and I'm enjoying youtube more and I recently opened a new online shop selling bling cases and pluggy (you can check it out on instagram @kathys_bling or click here). With my big assignment coming up and keeping up with my social life's, there is really no time in blogging. hahahaha.

Okay moving on to the post. It was my sister's 21th birthday two weeks ago, on the 6th of June. We celebrated it twice. One was on the day itself with our family and the other one is on friday with some friends. The exciting thing is that we celebrated both on a Korean restaurant! I'm obsessed with Korean foods! lol. Anyway here are some pictures on the 6th of June.

As usual there is a lot of "self portrait" pictures at home before going out.
my *ehem* model like pose.

 oops. haha.

me and the birthday girl! 

my number one boyfriend! <3 

with my mommmyyyy

three pretty ladiessss <3

went to chung hae for sashimi! 

and here's some food porn for ya! 
my brother's pose! 

here are more self portrait photos I took at home! feel free to click close right now XD

 a random chinese character doodling on my hands. it's “投降” which means, "surrender". Aaaa I wish I could have a real tattoo with that written. :(

On saturday we went to Chung Gi Wa for another celebration. 
on the way to the venue! 

barely seen eyes. hmm... arghhh small eyes, why won't u get bigger?!

my sis!

I LOVE Chung Gi wa, it's like the best korean bbq restaurant ever. I don't know if I've even mentioned it on my blog before, but if I do I'm gonna talk about it again anyway!!!! They breed their own animals, which makes their meats so damn juicy and nice, don't know how to express anymore kyaaa. and what's even more amazing they also plant their own vegetables which are like so fresh >.<.
But I've got to say they have like the worse service ever. I think the most important thing in a restaurant is a good service, without good service even the food taste bad. Maybe it's because of their good business, their waitress are all so "arrogant". But oh well, my mom and dad love this restaurant too much to not go there. 

and now I shall torture you guys with some food pictures! if you're reading this at midnight, I suggest  closing this right now, or you will crave it so bad and go order deliver, and regret it after you have eaten it, lol.

 dwenjang cige (beancurd soup)

Here are some of the meats I recommend you to order:
-Bulgalbi (Beef)
-Samgyupsal (Pork)

those are like my must have bbq meats I always order. those are around Rp.50,000-60,000. 
don't forget to order dwenjang jige as well. its the best soup ever! >.<

with my  babe (@alexisbrille)

 this ice cake from dairy queen is like the hardest to cut!!!! look at me, i'm so excited :p
 gave up and just hugged my sis. look, even the knife is still on the cake. XD

here are more vain *ehem* cute pictures of me. hope you enjoy. *evil smile*


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